President's Message 2021:
Dear Muslims of Maryland:

Chairman Pic The United Maryland Muslim Council (UMMC) is an Umbrella organization of Muslims in Maryland that has many component societies affiliated with ii including Muslim Councils in Anne Arundel, Frederick, Howard, Hartford, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Baltimore Counties. We collaborate with many sister organizations in Washington Baltimore Metro area. UMMC mission is to empower the Muslim community politically by engaging our members in rigorous and honest civic discourse. UMMC wishes to activate the Muslim community’s political consciousness so that we can defend our values, beliefs, and preferred policies. We have over 50 appointments in various important state and local boards as well as commissions over the past many years in the state governments with both Democrats and Republicans. We have also worked closely with the Governor to discuss issues pertaining to the Muslim community such as safety, education, jobs, equal opportunity as well as small business development. The Governor has acknowledged UMMC leadership and has regularly attended our community recognition galas as well as invited Muslims to the Governor mansion every year for Iftar during Ramadan.

The United Maryland Muslim Cuncil (UMMC), an umbrella organization of Muslims is working closely with the Governor of Maryland and his staff to bridge the divide in the State of Maryland; while striving hard to bring qualified Muslims into policy making positions. The UMMC has become a role model for many other organizations focusing on empowering Muslims in Maryland. A few of the achievements are discussed below;

While we thank Allah SWT, the support of our community members, UMMC board members, and our partner organization for all that we were able to achieve, we recognize that we have to work even harder to go even further. As a young community in the social, civic and political mosaic of our great nation we have to be fully engaged in delivering our responsibilities and safeguarding our rights. In today’s often toxic and volatile political atmosphere, many of our liberties are under attack by institutions who leverage populist anger to seize authoritarian power. Unless the Muslim community remains vigilant, we risk being subjugated to the whims of a society which utterly rejects the values we hold dear. It is incumbent upon us, as progenitors of Islam’s future, to fight for a fair, righteous, and equitable society. Just as the Prophet (PBUH) sought to successfully restore justice to 7th century Arabia, we must continue the sunnah and tradition in the 21st century and beyond.

My goal as the President of UMMC for the next two years is two fold: increasing the involvement of Muslim youth, as they are the leaders of tomorrow, and bringing various Muslim organizations in a closer working relationship so that we have a stronger unanimous voice. Today's youth often feels disengaged, ostracized, and apathetic to a system which ignores their concerns and excoriates their needs. We at UMMC must construct an atmosphere in which Muslim youth can be involved in both political and religious life to better defend their future. Yet unless UMMC can provide a unified and coherent organization which brings people together, our efforts will be in vain: the Muslim community is stronger together, so it is required of UMMC that we bring Muslims together in a productive manner.

I look forward to your feedback, advice and suggestion towards this goal of greater achievements and accomplishments for our community.


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